Raft Building Team Challenge

Design, build and race to win this amazing team activity

If you are looking for a fun, challenging team building activity on the beach side of the Costa del Sol, this experience is the perfect one for you. Our raft building challenge can be done on the beaches in Marbella, puerto Banus, etc.

In this activity, each team will be asked to: 

  • Create its own flag
  • Design and build a raft (using barrels, ropes, planks, etc)
  • Final Relay Race against the other teams

We generally include in this experience : 

  • Set-up of the beach, with tents, tables, sireless sound system, generator, etc
  • Official Authorizations from Coastal Authorities
  • All equipment (gloves, scisors, etc) and material for the creation of the flag and rafts (life jacket, rows, etc)
  • Monitors and event Manager
  • Photography
  • Water, or even more drinks and snacks, according to your expectations
  • Prizes for winning teams

This activity can be customized according to your expectations, so simply ask us for a quote and we will come back to you.

This raft building activity, is the perfect chance for those groups who are looking for a fun team building experience in Southern Spain. It is suitable for all types of profiles, whatever their fitness level is.

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