PicMoment Team Building

Want your own CALENDAR for next year?

Come and have fun with our amazing activity "Picmoment". In this game you will have to create 12 different situations and make a photo of each. These situations, what we call "PicMoments", are going to represent each month of the year calendar.

To do so, we will provide to each team an iPad. You will have to make a company representative picture, the picture to be taken can be many things, like for example:

  • The Date of the company that was founded
  • Date of the first important product/service
  • A special date for the company
  • The employee of the month
  • etc

To make the picture unique and original, we will provide you with some atrezzo as well. This activity can be done at the city or at different areas of the hotel (bar, gardens, salons…). In case that you choose to do the activity at the city, the group will be using a geolocalization GPS included in the iPad.

At the end of the activity, the best PicMoments will be chosen to create the "Company Calendar". So you will take with you this experience to remember at home.

A funny and different TeamBuilding activity in Marbella, this is an unsual experience for corporate groups that combines: culture, fun and team work.

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