Mozipad Teambuilding Challenge

City treasure hunt with iPads and a puzzle challenge

Our Mozipad experience is an exclusive treasure hunt experience for groups located in Marbella. In this game we will divide the groups in different teams where each of them have to cooperate to "obtain" mosaics and tiles, these are one of the most typical products in Andalucia, often used in bars, houses, etc. 

To do the activity, we will provide to each team with an Ipad that contains an interactive map with a specific route to be followed. During this team building activity your group will discover the most historical and artistic places of the town. 

To make this experience even more fun, you will find some questions, puzzles and challenges during the game. Each of these challenge that we called POI (points of interest) has a specific task that will have to be performed. These task can be:

  • Make an artistic video
  • Take a special photo
  • Answer questions related to art
  • Crafts and culture
  • etc

There are two different types of questions or challenges, some will give you "points" and others will grant you with virtual mosaic pieces that will be redeemed at the end of the game, in order to gain real mosaic pieces. If one team do not gather the requested number of mosaic pieces necessary to create the mural, they will have to chance to "purchase" those pieces using the points obtained in the game.

At the end of the treasure hunt part of the game, once the route its finished, all the teams will have to create a specific picture using the mosaic pieces (company logo, picture of an artist or a person, etc... you can choose).

This activity is perfect for those corporate groups that are looking for unique experiences on Costa del Sol.

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