Movie Festival Team building

Creativity, strategy and team work will be key

Team Building Marbella offers you the unique opportunity to join the cinema world with our "Movie Festival" experience. In this activity you will have the chance to create your own movie/trailer like if you were a famous hollywood director.

To be succesfull if this activity, we recommend you to follow these three simple guidelines/rules:

  • Subject and area: Define overall idea and scope (if not imposed)
  • Design: select your atrezzo and allocate roles
  • Script: one of the key factor of this experience

Once you have defined all the roles and goals mentioned above, you will have to gather your team and then start your film/trailer production. Each group member should have a function, like who is going to be the actor, director, the script, camera, etc.

Is very important to choose the right person for each task.

We divide this activity into the following steps:

  • 1ª Part: Design and creation of the script.
  • 2ª Part: Filming different scenes with actors, atrezzos and topics that you have chosen and tested
  • 3ª Part: Edition with the help of an Ipad that we provide, you will have to edit and produce the trailer, choose music, cut, paste and edit the movie until you get it right... hopefully...

At the end of the day, the films will be screened in a room and our jury will choose the best film based on:

  • The originality
  • Quality
  • Quality of the Edition
  • Team work
  • Relevancy

This experience is a perfect combination of originality, fun and teamwork. We can customize the experience according to your idea, like for example choosing the topic for the movie that you want, the scenery, in order to integrate your own theme into the game. 

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