Gastro Treasure Hunt with iPads

Combine fun, gastronomy, culture & team work

The interactive HIGH-SEVEN is an original and complete team building activity combining a treasure hunt experience (with iPads) with several tasting sessions and gastronomy challenges and tasting sessions. 

This group activity is available in most cities of Andalucia, like Ronda, Malaga, Estepona, Granada, Sevilla, Cádiz, Cordoba, Marbella or even Gibraltar. Each team will be handed over a backpack, in which the participants will find all sorts of material and tools that they will need to solve a quiz, take a picture or video, answer a question, build something or solve many types of challenging tasks. The entire game is themed and related to gastronomy, and the teams will use a personalized iPad to prepare their strategy and hopefuly win the game. This iPad features geolocalization and a professional software used for such team building exercises, including a map with many icons called POI (points of interest) where team can go to take a challenge and get points. Some of these POI's are related to gastronomy, like, for example : 

  • Olive Oil tasting and question
  • Beer, cheese or wine tasting challenges
  • Quiz about iberian hams (serrano, bellota, iberico, etc)
  • Cocktail making challenge
  • Sangria preparation contest
  • Preparation of some dishes (e.g. andalusian tapas, etc)
  • And many more

To win this team building activity you will need a lot of creativity, team work and concensus, culinary skills, strategy and team communication. But one thing is sure, you'll definitely enjoy an unforgettable team activity.

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