A super team activity within your hotel premises

Fancy an interactive treasure hunt in the venue of YOUR choice? No need to plan a transfer to the city, we can bring the game to your hotel, villa, restaurant, you name it.

Our exclusive High 9 has been specially designed and developed to offer you a solution that is adapted to your location.

Just as if you were playing in the city, your High includes a great variety of challenges such as:

  • Taking specific and fun pictures
  • Recording original videos
  • Brain teasers
  • Personalised questions
  • Quiz
  • Puzzles and jigsaws
  • And much more!

This interactive treasure hunt offers you the perfect combination of competition, fun, teamwork and exclusivity for your corporate event. Being designed specifically for a private space, participants will have to discover and complete some unique challenges distributed throughout the venue or hotel, both indoor and outdoor. To find them, the participants will have to decipher enigmas and scan QR codes, with the help of the main instrument: an iPad.

This iPad will guide them through the experience thanks to an interactive map, displaying many points of interest (POIs) where the teams will find the challenges and the opportunity to gain points, clues etc. Apart from the iPad, the teams will have some extra tools in a backpack, which they will need at some point.

This competition will take place in your venue, we will prepare all the POIs indoor and outdoor, hide QR codes, clues and everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

You will have a chat to communicate with the other teams, some gadgets to make their lives difficult, spy on their results etc

All the challenges will be created and adapted to the available space in the venue of your choice, your preferences, the duration will be adapted to the time available etc.

All our events are tailor-made to meet your expectations. Whether you are at the Costa del Sol, Gibraltar, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, etc., contact us and we will offer you the most exclusive options.

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