KaraMusic Team Building

A very unique experience for your next party

Team Building Marbella offers you a real "music show" of which you will be the artists. This activity is one of the most dynamic and fun you can experience.

You will be the contestants of a music TV show, in which you will compete in teams and will have to show off all your artistic and musical knowledge. The activity will be guided and directed by a great entertaining host, who will be in charge of conducting the program and directing each of the Karamusic challenges.

Here are some examples of what you will be doing:

  •     Guess the title of a song
  •     Guess the band or singer of a music video
  •     Musical Questions Challenge / Quiz
  •     Karaoke
  •     Singing competition
  •     Etc

Improvisation will be a very important part of the game too. With the Karamusic activity success and fun are guaranteed and we can easily adapt the game to the group musical preferences, such as Pop music, international rock n roll etc…

This activity can take place in any venue or hotel facility as long as it has enough space for the group and the AV set up. It is a perfect icebreaker, after a full day of meetings, to end a dinner in the funniest way or as starters for the party!

Everybody loves Karamusic!

This activity can be adapted to the needs of the group (time available, budget, number of people etc.).  It is a perfect activity for groups looking for a different and dynamic competition and can be carried out at the hotel and in any other location, either inside or outside. A great choice of experience for incentive trips, as a teambuilding exercise, after a conference, etc ...


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